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  第一部分 阅读与词汇

  1、A Young Officer and an Old Soldier 

     A very new, young officer was at a railway station. He was going to visit his mother, and he wanted to telephone her to tell her the time of his train. He looked in all his pockets, but found that he did not have the coins for the telephone, so he went outside and looked around for someone to help him.



  一位新上任的(new)年轻军官(young officer)在火车站(railway station)候车。他要去看望(visit)他的母亲(mother)。他想打电话(want to telephone sb.)告诉(tell)母亲他的列车(train)到站的时间。但寻遍了所有的口袋(pocket),却发现(find)他没有打电话用的硬币(coin),于是他走到车站外面(outside),环顾四周(look around)想找人帮忙(help)。    

  2、 A Young Officer and an Old Soldier

  At last an old soldier came by, and the young officer stopped him and said,“Have you got change for ten pence?”

  “Wait a moment,”the old soldier answered, beginning to put his hand in his pocket.“I'll see whether I can help you.”

  “Don't you know how to speak to an officer?”the young man said angrily.“Now let's start again Have you got change for ten pence?”

  “No,sir,”the old soldier answered quickly.



  最后(at last)有名老兵(old soldier)路过,年轻的军官拦住他道:“你有十便士(pence)的零钱(change)吗?”

  “等会儿(wait a moment)。”老兵回答(answer),开始(begin)把手放(put)进口袋,“让我看看是否(whether)能帮助你。"

  "难道你不知道(know)该怎样跟一位长官说话(speak)吗?”年轻人生气地(angrily)说,“现在我们重新开始(start again),你有十美分的硬币吗?”


  3、Are You Going to Thank Her? 

  Mrs. Green has lived near the park of the city for forty years. She's very rich and has got a lot of money. Bur she never buys something expensive for her family and always does all the housework herself. She sweeps all the rooms every day.

  Last morning, when she got up, she felt terrible . After breakfast she felt even worse. She found some medicine and took it. But it was useless to her and she had to go to a hospital.




  昨天早上(Last morning)。她起床(get up)时感觉(feel)很糟糕(terrible)。早餐(breakfast)后她觉得更严重(even worse),就找了一些药(medicine)吃了。但还是没用(useless)。她不得不去了医院(hospital)。

  4、Are You Going to Thank Her? 

  The doctor looked her over and asked her to be in hospital, but she refused and went home on foot. As soon as she got home, the telephone rang. She hurried to answer it. It was the doctor. He told her she had left her purse in the hospital and a nurse had found it.

  “Could you tell me her name, please?”asked Mrs. Green.

  “Of course, Mrs. Green. Are you going to thank her? ”asked the doctor.

  “No, no.”She said,“My handbag was lost three years ago. I want to know if she found it. ”



  医生(doctor)给她作了检查并要求(ask)她住院,但她拒绝(refuse)了,然后步行(on foot)回家。她一(as soon as)到家,电话就响(ring)了,她赶紧(hurry)去接听电话,是医生打来的,他告诉这位女士她的钱包(purse)丢在了医院,一位护士(nurse)捡到了。


  “当然可以(of course),格林夫人,您是要感谢(thank)她吗?”医生问道。

  “不,不是,”她说:“我的手提包(handbag)三年前(three years ago)丢了,我想问问是不是她检到了。”

  5、Sam and Tod 

  Sam had a dog. Its name was Tod. It was very helpful, but it ate too much. So Sam didn't like it, and he wanted to kill Tod. He tied Tod in a bag and put it in a smallboat. He rowedthe boat to the middle of a big river. Just as he threw the pooranimal into the river, the boat began to go down. Both Sam and Tod fell into the river.



  萨姆有一只狗(dog)。他的名字叫托德。它很有用(helpful),但它吃的太多(eat too much)。所以萨姆不喜欢他。萨姆想杀死(kill)托德。萨姆把托德绑(tie)在一个袋子里,把它放进一只小船(small boat)。他把船划(row)到一条大河(river)的中央(middle)。他正要(just)把这只可怜的动物(poor animal)扔(throw)下河的时候,船开始下沉,萨姆和托德两个都(both)跌入(fall into)河里。

  6、Sam and Tod 

    Tod was able to swim, but Sam couldn't .The dog bit (咬) therope and got out ofthe bag. It triedi ts best to swim to saveSam. The man was saved, so he was verythankful to the dog. He did not want to kill the dog any more. From then on, he gave the dog as much food as it wanted.



  托德能(be able to)游泳(swim),但萨姆不会。狗把绳子(rope)咬断,从袋子里出来(get out of the bag)。它竭尽全力(try one's best)游过去救(save)萨姆。萨姆获救了,所以他对托德是非常感激的(thankful).他不再(not… any more)打算杀它了。从那以后(from then on),小狗想要吃多少食物(food)萨姆就给多少。     

  7、In the Bar 

  In England, if you are under the age of eighteen, you're not allowed to drink in apublic bar.

  Mr. Thompson used to go to a bar near his house, but he never took his son,Tom, because he was too young. Then when Tom had his eighteenth birthday, Mr.Thompson took him to his usual bar for the first time.



  在英格兰(England),年龄在18岁以下(under the age of eighteen)的人不允许(be not allowed to do)到公众(public)酒吧里喝酒(drink)。

  汤普森先生过去经常(used to)到他家附近(near)的一个酒吧喝酒,但他从不带(take)他的儿子(son)汤姆,因为(because)他还太小(too young)。当汤姆过18岁生日(birthday)时,他第一次(for the first time)带儿子去了他经常去的酒吧(his usual bar)。 

   In the Bar 

  They drank for half an hour, and then Mr. Thompson said to his son,“Now, Tom, I want to teach you a lesson, You must always be careful not to drink too much. And how do you know when you've had enough? Well, I'll tell you. Do you seethose twolights at the end of the bar? When they seem to have become four, you've had enough and should go home.”“But, Dad,”said Tom,“I can only see one light at the end of the bar.”



  喝了半个小时(half an hour)后,汤普森对儿子说道,“汤姆,现在我给你上一课(teach you a lesson)。你必须(must)要小心(be careful)决不要喝太多。那怎样才能知道你是否已经喝够了(enough)呢?听着,我告诉你。你看见(see)酒吧尽头的(at the end of)那两盏灯(light)了吗?当它们看起来(seem)已经变成(become)四盏的时候,你就喝足了,应该(should)回家(go home)了。”“可是,爸爸,”汤姆说,“我只(only)看见那儿有一盏灯呀!”   

  8、 A Black Umbrella 

  Sally was a student. It was going to be her mother's birthday. She wanted to buy her a present that would be nice and useful but not expensive.

  A week before her mother's birthday, she went shopping after a quick and simplelunch. When she had been looking for half an hour, she found a shop that wasselling cheap umbrellas, and decided to take a black one. Her mother hadlost hers the month before.


  萨莉是个学生(student),再过几天就是她母亲的生日了,她想给母亲买(buy) 一个价格不高,但漂亮、实用的(nice and useful)礼物(present)。

  在她母亲生日之前(before)的一个星期(week),萨莉匆忙地吃了顿简单的(simple)午餐(lunch)后就出去购物(go shopping)了。看(look)了半个小时后,发现了一个卖(sell)便宜(cheap)雨伞(umbrella)的商店,她决定(decide)买把黑色的(black)伞。一个月(month)之前她母亲把她的伞(hers)丢(lose)了。     

  9、 A Black Umbrella 

  She thought,“You could carry that when you are wearing clothes of any color.”So she decided to buy a lovely black umbrella and took it back to the school with her until her classes had finished.

   On her way home in the train that evening she felt hungry because she had such a small lunch that she went along to the buffet car(餐车) for a sandwich and a cup ofcoffee.



  那天晚上(evening).在她乘火车回家的路上(on her way home),因为午餐吃的很少(have such a small lunch).她觉得饿(hungry).于是走进餐车,要了一份三明治(sandwich)和一杯咖啡(a cup of coffee)。

  10. Friends (1)

  Friends are different things to different people. To my little sister, a friend is someone who likes to swim and ride bikes. My mom's idea of a friend is someone like Mrs. Smith who walks and talks with her every morning. My dad's friends areneighbors who help him with the work like building shelves and planting trees.


  对于不同的人(people),朋友(friend)意味着不同的(different)内容。对于我的小妹妹(littlesister)来说,朋友是喜欢(like)游泳和骑自行车(ride bikes)的某个人(someone)。我妈妈的想法(idea)是朋友像(like)史密斯夫人一样可以每天早上陪她散步(walk)并交谈(talk)。我爸爸的朋友是帮他搭建架子(build shelves)、种树(plant trees)或做其他活的邻居们(neighbors)。 

  11. Friends (2)

  Steve, our monitor, is my best friend We go skating, play football, talk about sports,and go to a concert. When I broke my leg, he always came over to play games; in school, he carried my schoolbag for me and got my lunch for me. I know I can always count on him, and he also knows that he can count on me.

  Some friends may be in your life for a while. Others will be there for a longtime, maybe even forever(永远). I would hate to move, unless I could take my friends with me .They are too important to leave behind.


  我们的班长(monitor)史蒂夫是我最好的(best)朋友。我们去滑冰(go skating)、踢足球(play football)、谈论体育(talk about sports)、去听音乐会(go to a concert)。我摔断腿(leg)时,他就来我家玩游戏(game);在学校,他替我拿书包(schoolbag),并帮我打午饭。我知道我总能依靠(count on)他,他也知道他能依靠我。

  有些(some)朋友可能(may)只在你的一生中停留一会儿(for a while)。另一些(others)则很长一段时间(for a long time)和你做朋友,甚至有可能(maybe)是终生的朋友。我憎恨(hate)搬家(move),除非(unless)我可以把朋友也带走。他们对我来说太重要了(too important),我无法把他们留下(leave behind)。

  12. The“Deaf”Wife

  A man is talking to the family doctor.“Doctor, I doubt whether my wife's goingdeaf.”The doctor answers,“Here’s something you can try on her to test her hearing. Stand some meters away from her and ask her a question. If she doesn't answer, move a little closer and ask again. Keep repeating this until she answers.Then you'll be able to tell if she is deaf or not.”

  The man goes home and begins to test his wife's hearing. He stands by the wall and says,“My dear, what's for dinner?”He doesn't hear an answer, so he moves closer to her.“My dear, what's for dinner?”Still no answer. He repeats this several times, until he's standing just a few feet away from her.

  Finally, she answers,“For the eleventh time, I said we're having meat and rice!”



  某人对他的家庭医生说,“医生,我怀疑(doubt)我妻子(wife)要聋(deaf)了。”医生回答说,“有个办法可以测试(test)她的听力。你站(stand)在离她几米远(some meters away)的地方,然后问她一个问题(question)。如果她不回答,你再走近点(a little closer),然后再问。如此重复(repeat)直到她听到为止。那时你就可以判断她是否聋了。”

  这人回家后便开始测试他妻子的听力。他站在墙的旁边(by the wall)说,“亲爱的(dear),晚饭(dinner)吃什么?”他没听到回答,于是又朝妻子走近了些。“亲爱的,晚饭吃什么?”仍然(still)没有回答。他如此反复了几次(several times).直到他离妻子只有几英尺(a few feet)的地方。


  13、. We Really Don't Know (1)

  Jack had gone to the university tostudy his history, but at the end of his second term, he failed his history exam, and he was told that he would bedismissed from university. However, his father decided that he would go to see the history professor(教授)to ask him to let Jack continue his studies the next year.

  “He's a good boy,”said Jack's father,“Please pardon him. If you let him pass this time, I'm sure he'll improve a lot next year and pass the examinations at the end of it really well.”



  杰克去大学(university)里学习(study)历史(history),但在第二学期(term)末,他的历史考试不及格(he failed his history exam).同时他还被告知将被开除(dismiss)。然而(however).杰克的父亲(father)决定去拜访那位历史学教授,请求教授让(let)杰克继续(continue)下一年的学业。

  “他是个不错的男孩(boy)。”杰克的父亲(father)说,“请原谅(pardon)他吧!如果这次您能让他通过(pass),我确信(I'm sure)他明年一定会大有长进(improve a lot);而且会在年终时真正地(really)很出色地通过考试。” 

  14. We Really Don't Know (2)

  “No, no, that's quite impossible!”replied the professor immediately.“Do you know, last month I asked him when Napoleon died, and he didn't know!”“Please, sir, give him another chance”said Jack's father.“You see, I'm afraid we don't take any newspapers in our house so we even don't know that Napoleon was illrecently.”



  “不,不行,那是完全不可能的(quite impossible)。”教授立即(immediately)回答(reply),“您知道吗,上个月我问他拿破仑是什么时候去世(die)的,可他居然不知道!”“先生,请再给他一次机会(give him another chance)吧。”杰克的父亲说道,“您要知道,恐怕(I'm afraid)是因为我们家里没有报纸(newspaper)。因此我们甚至连拿破仑近来(recently)病了(ill)都不知道。”

  15. Raymond (1)

  Everybody dreams of doing something important. As a boy Raymond dreamed of being a scientist, in fact, he is a postman now.

  Raymond is an active young man. He lives by the saying(格言)“If you can't live the life you love, love the life you live”He greets everyone with a big smile and afriendly“Hi, how are you?”And he really wants to know! It's hard to feel unhappy when we hear him whistling(吹口哨) happily up and down the street.



  每个人(everybody)都梦想(dream of)做些重要的事。雷蒙德小时候梦想成为一名科学家(scientist),实际上(in fact)他现在是一名邮递员(postman)。

  雷蒙德是个积极主动的(active)年轻人。他信奉的格言是“如果你不能过你热爱的生活,那就热爱你所过的生活。”带着灿烂的微笑(smile),他向每一个人打招呼(greet),还来一句友好的(friendly)问候,“嗨,你好吗?”而且他确实想知道!当我们听到他欢快地吹着口哨在街道(street)上来来往往(up and down)时,想不高兴都难(hard)。

  16. Raymond (2)

  Raymond looks good. His shirt and trousers always look very clean. After work, he likes going to the gym to take exercise.

  Raymond is strict in his work. He cares about the people on this street everyday. Heknocks on Mrs. Jordan's door to ask for a drink of cool water. He's not really thirsty.Mrs. Jordan is old, and he just wants to make sure she's okay.



  雷蒙德看起来(look)很不错。他的衬衫(shirt)和裤子(trousers)总是非常干净(very clean)。下班后,他喜欢去体育馆(gym)锻炼(take exercise)。

  雷蒙德对自己的工作要求严格(strict)。他关心(care about)街道上的居民。每天他都会敲(knock on/at)乔丹夫人的门(door)去要一杯凉(cool)水。他不是真的口渴(thirsty)。乔丹夫人年纪大了,他只是想确认(make sure)乔丹夫人一切正常。 

  17. That's Why!

  Jimmy started painting when he was three years old, and when he was five, he was already very good at it. He also got many prizes for his painting. He painted many beautiful and interesting pictures, and people paid a lot of money for them They said,“This boy's going to be famous when he's a little older, and then we’re going to sell these pictures for a lot more money.”

  Jimmy's pictures were different from other people's because he never painted it on all of the paper. He painted on half of it, and the other half was always empty.

  “That's very clever,”everybody said.“Nobody else does that!”They all believed that the boy was a pioneer in painting.

  One day, somebody bought one of Jimmy's pictures and then said to him,“Please tell me this, Jimmy. Why do you paint on the bottom half of your pictures, but not on the top half ?”

  “Because I'm small,”Jimmy said,“and my brushes don't reach very high.”



  吉米三岁开始画画(start painting),五岁时已经(already)画得相当好了。他还因此获得很多奖(many prizes)。他画了很多美丽(beautiful)有趣的(interesting)图画(picture)。人们付(pay)很多钱(a lot of money)买这些画。他们说:“这个孩子大一点后肯定会出名(be famous).到时我们可以靠这些画赚更多的钱。”

  吉米的画不同于(be different from) 他人的画,因为他从来不在整张纸上作画。他只在一半纸上画,另一半总是空的(empty)。

  “这真是个聪明的(clever)做法!”大家都说,“没有其他人(nobody else)这么画过。”他们都认为这男孩堪称绘画艺术的先锋(pioneer)。

  有一天,有人买了吉米的画,然后问:“请告诉我,吉米,你为什么总是在纸的下半部分(bottom half)画而不在上半部分(top half)画呢?”


  18. Living like a Pig (1)

  One day, a guru(印度教大师) knew what he would be in his next life. So he called his favorite disciple(徒弟) and asked him what he would do to show thanks. The disciple said he would do whatever his guru asked him to do.

  After the guru received the promise, he said,“Then this is what I'd like you to do for me. I've just learned that when I die very soon, I'm going to be born as a pig. Do you see that pig eating rubbish over there in the yard ? I'm going to be born as one of its baby pigs. You’ll recognize(认出) me by a mark on my face . When the baby pigs have been born, find the baby pig with a mark on its face and kill it with yourknife. Then I’ll not live a pig's life. Will you do this for me?”




  收到(receive)这项承诺(promise)之后,大师说:“我现在就告诉你我希望你为我做的。我刚刚得知(learn)我就要死了,我会出生(be born)成为一只猪(pig)。你看到正在院子(yard)里吃垃圾(rubbish)的那头猪了吧?我将会是它下一窝猪仔中的一只小猪(baby pig)。你会从我脸(face)上的记号(mark)认出我来.当那些小猪出生以后,你去找脸上有记号的小猪,用你的刀(knife)把它杀死,这样我就不会过猪的生活(live a pig’s life)。你会为我做吗?” 

  19. Living like a Pig (2)

  The disciple was sad to hear all this, but he agreed to do as he had promised.

  Soon after this conversation, things happened just as the guru had mentioned. The guru died. Four baby pigs were born. One day, the disciple held his knife with him and picked out the baby pig with a mark on its face. Just as he was about to kill it, the little pig suddenly spoke,“Stop! Don't kill me!”it cried.

  The disciple was very surprised, and he heard the little pig speak in a human voice,it said,“Don't kill me. I want to live on as a pig. When I asked you to kill me, I didn't know what a pig's life would be like. It's great! Just let me go.”




  事情正和大师提到(mention)的一样。在他们的对话(conversation)之后不久,大师死了,四只猪仔出生了。有一天,徒弟握着(hold)他的刀,挑选(pick out)出脸上有记号的那只小猪。当他正要(be about to)杀掉它时,小猪突然(suddenly)开口说话:“住手!不要杀我!”小猪大喊道。

  徒弟非常吃惊(surprised),他听到小猪用人的声音(in a human voice)说:“别杀我!我想要当猪继续活下去。当我要求你杀我时,我并不知道猪的生活将是什么样。猪的生活很棒(great)!就让我活下去吧。”

   20. Greenland and Iceland

  Greenland is the largest island on earth. It is in the north of Europe. Near Greenland is another island. It is small. Its name is Iceland. Do you think that Greenland is green and warm? Do you think that Iceland is white with ice? If you do, you are wrong. Not many people live on the big island of Greenland. There are more people in your hometown than in all of Greenland. That is because Greenland is not green. Greenland is white. Most of Greenland is covered with lots of ice. The ice covering Greenland is higher than some of the world's buildings. What about Iceland? Is it colder than Greenland? No, it is not. Iceland has ice, but not so much ice asGreenland. Iceland has a Lot of hot springs(温泉). They give out hot water and steam (蒸汽). So it is not as cold as Greenland. And there are a lot more people who live in Iceland.



  格林兰岛是世界上(on earth)最大的岛屿(largest island)。它位于欧洲(Europe)的北部(north)。在格林兰岛的附近有另外一个岛。这个岛很小。它的名字叫冰岛。你认为格林兰岛是绿色(green)、温暖的(warm)吗?你认为冰岛是冰(ice)覆盖的白色(white)岛屿吗?如果你这样想,你就错了。格林兰岛上没有很多人居住。你家乡(hometown)的人会比(than)整个格林兰岛的居民都多。那是因为格林兰岛不是绿色的,它是白色的。格林兰岛的大部分(most)覆盖着(be covered with)很多冰。覆盖格林兰岛的冰比这个世界上的一些建筑物(building)还要高。冰岛怎样呢(what about Iceland)?它比格林兰岛还要冷(cold)吗?不,不是的。冰岛有冰,但不像格林兰岛那么多的冰(not so much ice as Greenland)。冰岛有很多温泉。这些温泉放出(give out)热水和蒸汽,因此冰岛不像格林兰岛那样冷(not as cold as Greenland)。而且冰岛的居民远远多于格林兰岛。      

  21. A Competition of Lying

  A certain old gentleman was very unhappy about modern education, and thought that young people didn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

  One day he was taking a walk near the church when he saw some young boys standing around a small cat. The old gentlemen went up to the boys and asked them what was happening. One of the boys said to him“We're having a competition. We're telling lies, and the one who tells the biggest lie will keep the cat.”

  The old gentleman thought this was a good chance to teach the boys a useful lesson, so he said to them,“I've never told a lie in my life." At once there was a great shout from all the boys, and they said,“You've won! The cat belongs to you!”



  某个(a certain)老年绅士(gentleman)对现代教育(modern education)颇为不满(unhappy),他认为年轻人不知道是非(right and wrong)之间的差异(difference)。

  有一天,他在教堂(church)附近散步(take a walk)时,看到一些小男孩围着一只小猫(cat)。这位老绅士凑上前去问孩子们发生(happen)什么事了。有个男孩告诉他:“我们正在进行一场竞赛(competition)。我们在比赛说谎(tell ties),谁说的谎最大,这只猫就是谁的。”

  老绅士觉得这是教育孩子们的一个好机会。于是他就对孩子们说:“我这辈子从未说过谎话。”立刻(at once)所有孩子异口同声地大喊(shout):“你赢(win)了!这只猫属于你了(The cat belongs to you)!”

  22. Sports in America

  In many parts of the world, there are four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.There are only three in America: football, basketball and baseball. If you want to know what season it is, just have a look at what people are playing.

  Sports are an important part of American culture. Students learn to play many sports at school. They take PE classes. Some join the school teams, and others join school sports leagues(联盟).

  For many people in the USA, sports are not just for fun. They're almost a religion (宗教). Thousands of sports fans buy expensive tickets to watch their favorite teams and sports stars play. Other fans watch games on TV at home. The most devoted(投入的) sports fans never miss a game.



  世界上许多地方(many parts)有四个季节(season):春(spring)、夏(summer)、秋(fall)、冬(winter)。美国却只有三个:足球、篮球(basketball)和棒球(baseball)。如果你想知道是什么赛季(season),只需看一下人们在玩哪种球即可。

  体育是美国文化(American culture)的一个重要部分(part)。学生在校时学习很多体育项目。他们上体育课(PE)。有些学生加入校队(join the school team).还有些学生加入学校体育联盟。

  对于许多美国人来说,体育不只是为了玩(for fun)。体育几乎(almost)是一种宗教。成千上万的(thousands of)体育迷(sports fan)购买昂贵的门票(ticket)去观看(watch)他们最喜欢的球队以及体育明星(star)比赛。其他体育迷在家通过电视(on TV)看比赛。最铁杆的体育迷从不会错过(miss) 一场比赛。         

  23. My Little Sister Candy

  Living with my little sister Candy can be hard. Candy is five years old. She always copies me. When I sit in front of my computer, she will touch my keyboard and screen. When I practice handwriting, she’ll stay as long as I do, and if I am playing chess with my friend, she will make so much noise.

  She doesn't like dolls as most girls do. She loves model planes, toy guns and robots, but it's easy for her to turn her attention to something else. One moment she is laughing and clapping her little hands;the next she is kicking her plane and then reaching for the edge of the table. That's because she finds some drugs on the table. Of course, the drugs should not be available to her.

  Last Sunday, I had a cold, so I tried to get her separated from me. I stayed in my bedroom and asked her to stay in our living room, and then I told very easy riddles for her to answer. At first, she showed great interest in guessing riddles in this way, but later she came to my room, answering me no more but with her mouth open wide, and tried her best to pull me out of my room. At last, I had to take her to walk along the path through our garden.

  Candy is always following me, but I love my little sister candy.



  和我的小妹妹卡迪住在一起很不容易。卡迪五岁了。她总是模仿我。当我坐在电脑前,她会触摸(touch)我的键盘(keyboard)和屏幕(screen)。当我练习书法(handwriting)时,我呆多久她就呆多久,如果我和朋友下象棋(play chess),她就会制造很多噪音(make so much noise)。

  她不像大部分女孩那样喜欢娃娃(doll)。她喜爱飞机模型(model)、玩具枪(toy gun)和机器人(robot),但她的注意力很容易转移。一会儿拍(clap)着小手笑,一会儿又在踢(kick)她的飞机,一会伸手去够桌子的边缘(edge)。那是因为她发现桌子上有一些药(drugs)。当然了,那些药是不应让她得到的(available)。

  上个星期天,我感冒了,因此我尽量让她和我分开(separate)。我呆在我的卧室,让她在我们的起居室,然后我说一些很简单的谜语(riddle)让她回答。起初,她对用这种方式猜谜语(guess riddles)很感兴趣,但后来不再回答我,而是来到我的房间,把嘴巴(mouth)张得大大的,竭尽全力地想把我拉出去。最后,我不得不带着她沿着花园中的小路(path)散步。



  第二部分 中考英语三轮策略


  第一轮 课本知识与中考考点梳理


  第二轮 语法专题复习











  H. 非谓语性动词的用法:动名词、现在分词、过去分词和动词不定式



  *并列结构作主语:and, both...and..., or, either...or...,

      neither…nor.., not only...but…also… ,not...but...,



  *There be 和 Here be 的就近原则




  J. 主动语态和被动语态的用法

  K. 虚拟语气的用法

  L. 倒装句、省略句和强调句的用法



  第三轮 专项复习及综合训练



  * 词汇部分


  * 听力部分


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